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A Better Solution for Your Gutters

The Delaware Valley is lucky to be one of those four-season pockets of the country. And although it’s a beautiful place to call home, the shifting weather can do a number on your property. Tedesco Painting & Power Washing LLC is your source for professional gutter cleaning that will protect your home for every forecast.

Mother nature does a number on your gutters. Without regular maintenance, they become a magnet for leaves, sticks, dirt, pollen, and other debris. This in of itself created an eyesore – but it also comes with a whole set of other issues.

Dirty and clogged gutters are connected to:

  • Pest infestations like insects, rodents, and even birds
  • Mold growth and expansion of other bacteria
  • Water damage to your foundation, roof line, and siding
  • Landscape erosion and flooding

Clogged gutters can cause hurt your roofline and your foundation. When water damage impacts your roofline, it leaks into your soffits, causing the wood to rot and ultimately reach your interior walls, triggering mold and mildew issues in the process. By contrast, when it reaches your foundation, it creates water accumulation that causes basement flooding and landscape erosion.

Expert Care for Your Home

Here’s the catch-22. Although your gutters need regular attention, there’s a reason that homeowners should never dive into a DIY job. According to American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 500,000 people are treated to ladder-related injuries each year, and one-third of fatal falls are from ladders or roofs.

There’s a better answer. Let the professionals at Tedesco Painting & Power Washing LLC deliver your gutter cleaning solution for you.

Safety. Precision. Results.

After more than a decade serving homeowners in the Delaware Valley, we started to notice a trend we didn’t like: Homeowners weren’t getting the most out of their gutters.That’s why our team provides an innovative solution. Our state-of-the-art Skyvac 85 Industrial Gutter Vacuuming System is the first of its kind, allowing us to bring the best level of clean to you — all while our technicians are safely on the ground. This system:

  • Cleans all debris – from sticks down to particulate matter – from your gutters
  • Removes clogs from your downspouts
  • Kills bacterial and fungal buildup

In other words – it gets you “just like new” gutters that are ready to do their job in any weather. There are also a few things we won’t do in each gutter cleaning service. We:

  • Won’t make a mess of your landscape because we gather and contain all debris
  • Won’t place ladders on the gutter line to protect your gutters and pitch
  • Won’t walk on your roof to ensure that your shingle granules retain their quality

Gutters don’t need frills. They need to function. With our team, your system will deflect the flow of water from your home, so you can have peace of mind, rain or shine.

Innovation in Gutter Cleaning

Our system is an effective way to restore your gutters – and it achieves the best result through a safe, thorough process. We:

  • Use camera technology to ensure we’re removing all buildup
  • Remain safely on the ground in the process, eliminating the use of ladders
  • Tap into vacuum technology to completely clear your gutters

With our professionals on the job, your gutters will be back in prime condition. By extension, your property’s quality will hit the mark and your curb will shine. Get your seasonal and affordable gutter cleaning schedule lined up today – your solution starts at just $99 per 100 lineal feet!

If you need your gutters cleaned, please give us a call at 215-607-6424 or fill out our online request form today.