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Roof Cleaning

Tedesco Painting and Power Washing LLC is your roof’s best friend. Our team provides our community with expert roof cleaning service that gets your curb appeal on-point… and your shingle quality ready to last.

You’ll see your fair share of dirty roofs on Montgomery County. But what’s the story behind the eyesore?

  • Moss thrives on the shady parts of your home
  • Algae is right at home in a moist, moderate environment
  • Black streaks are caused by gloeocapsa magma – and it’s eating your roof!

At Tedesco, we specialize in roof cleaning services designed to assist property owners of all types. Our team is equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology that allows us to deliver effective and long-lasting results. 

This innovative cleaning technology:
  • Doesn’t use a power washer, which can harm your roof
  • Does use low-pressure, detailed cleaning technology
  • Does use the best cleaning detergents on the market
  • Does deliver cleaning solutions that meet ARMA guidelines

Our roof cleaning techniques directly target dirt and other contaminants whilst leaving material untouched. Once we’re finished, your roof will be protected from the onset of corrosion and decay for approximately 2 years. 

We use specially formulated detergents which are non-toxic, to ensure a safe cleaning all-around. Allowing algae and mildew to sit on your roof without cleaning it can lead to serious issues in appearance and functionality. While it may not seem like a big deal at the time, the onset of time will slowly but surely render the effects of these organisms on your roof. 

By the time that the problem becomes obvious enough, you may very well have to come out of your pocket for major roof repairs. Our roof washing services can help you avoid costly repairs which is why you should consider it before it’s too late. Spots of dirt and mold accumulation also impact the perceived quality of your property, cleaning it will allow you to maintain property value and overall safety.

Whether you’re gearing up to sell a home or just want to boost curb appeal, we’re here for you. Customers can feel confident that they’re getting a roof cleaning solution that:

  • Removes stains and dirt
  • Curbs future bacteria and fungi growth
  • Improves first impressions

We’re a proud team of roof cleaning professionals. A clean roof is key to a solid home investment – and our team can take care of every single details!

Contact us at Tedesco today so that we can help you!